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Corona virus testing begins at AIIMS, New Delhi on Monday


Corona virus testing also begins at All India institute of medical science in New Delhi. Due to Covid-19 breakdown entire world had met a drastic changes. There were the changes in transport, Trade, economy and finance. The workers who were migrated to city from there village to support their families, facing the critical problem. Due to Covid-19, every field faced the financial crises but in fuel, their were enough stock to face lockdown. Availability of petrol, diesel and LPG made the people not to fear of fuel.
This lockdown made every on to stay at home so, the consumption rate of petrol and diesel is reduced and there can manage this crises. Above all their is the enough stock of fuel India.

Microscopic image of novel Covid-19

First throat swab sample confirmed Covid-19 in India reported in Kerala.
This had been exist before the century which attracts only the Birds and animals, from animals human had been transmitted. Transmission electron microscope imaging, published in Indian journal of medicine research. Covid-19 thread entire universe because their is no medicine.
The article “Transmission electron microscope imaging of SARS- cov-2″ has been authorised by the ICMR-NIV.
Corona virus is intially round in shape It as well projection. Because of that projection virus had gained the name. From animals it had been transmitted to human and other organisations. There is no particular symptoms of this virus. It varies from person to person and it depends upon the immunity content in the body of an individual.
Scientists reveal first microscopic image of novel corona viruses. But the people and doctors must reveal the first medicine for this pandemic disease. people must be more aware to prevent them. Again, Cleanliness is next

Covid-19 viduals will have the throat infect affects respiratory tracts of Bird and mammals, including human. This virus also affect gut. It has the a symptoms of normal fever respond for common cold. scientists had proved that it affects cats, dogs, mice etc.., from animals human had get transmitted. symptoms varies from person to person depending upon the individual immune power. Scientists reveals first microscopic image of novel Corona virus.

Covid-19 Breakdown

Pregnant women immunologic and physiologic change which might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infection including Covid-19. When scientists view the virus there were shocked because it was new and there didn’t effect, it will affect the entire world. In this vast world, Covid-19 had became a part and soak the whole universe. Covid-19 had lead to the drop-down in financial and economical growth of India. The people must be strong to face and there must increase their immune power to the body which helps to fight against the viruses. For many disease Their is no medicine in India, but we had the ability to face the situation. The inner level confidence will make a man to fight against Covid-19.

Corona virus cames from the word crown because it contains the crown like projection. Corona in Latin ” Halo” which means crown. It mostly spread during the winter season and during the spring. It can spread through the air. The word crown refers to the head. In the same way It became the head of diseases and headache for world.


Covid-19 is the major cause for the financial breakdown. It will be very difficult to overcome the financial loss. Not only in finance the world is under difficult even in the standard of living.
Economic slowdown is large in china, Spain and France, In next case, is India where it shown a value.

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