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Comparing historical epidemics the COVID-19 is spreading much faster than those like flu, chicken pox, SARS, etc. Dueto the spreading of COVID-19 initially China’s stock market gets confused and got swing in that. The COVID-19 spreads instantly entire china from wuhaan city and the total economical of China gets troubled. This is the first time the major swing araised in the China’s stock markets. The dealing with the OPEC also cancelled due to the COVID-19’s impact. The COVID-19 is spreading throughout the entire world. So entire world gets troubled economically and medically.

Swing in U.S.Stock market:

The president of U.S. Mr.Donald trumph also expressed his confusion and anger on the stock market due to getting swing. The COVID-19 enrolled the biggest revolution in American economical and medical history. Yes, the decline continues as COVID-19 cases continue to rise. The result will fall in currency battle and we need some economical strength to counter the current situation in our hand.


Initially we have seen about only U.S. and now we are looking upon Canada and Latin America. Those are facing a big tragedy in their economical life. Canada is having the burden on it’s crude oil supply. Since U.S. has lifted the crude oil export in 2015. U.S. has become the major supplier of crude oil. This has been difficult for dealing with Canada and it looks to U.S. only. Only the transportation cost is the major falling point to Canada. Due to the outbreak of COVID19 the crude oil barrels were stayed in Amrica. Canada also landlocked their crude oil due to the spreading of corona virus. Latin America is a country of having the economical commitment with China mostly. Due to the spreading of COVID19 it also lagging with it’s economical stock markets. The main commodity for this issue is to take step for exporting more LNG’s.

Financial Impact due to COVID-19:

From the initiation of 2020, the focuses is mainly on Brexit. It’s moved out of the spotlight for now, this may become as an essential issue for EU and UK. Germany noted that if the virus outbreaks and affects the other economies, it is likely to suffer as well as. It is very harmful situation if the virus outbreak continues. Generally the major deals are done between U.S. and China.


Due to the spreading of COVID-19 it is hardly affected most of the commitments between them. In China Wuhan consisting the major economical trade compare with all other cities. COVID-19 is spread from Wuhan, so the economical stock market of the China gets swing mostly. Saudi and OPEC was refused to act during the outbreak of the COVID-19 and they slightly talk with Russian Government that may play a role in this. If the virus continue to evolve , we may meet the oil supply in the lower level to return.

The stock market of all countries are highly volatile due to the spread of COVID-19. In India, Niffty closed on Monday by 69 point or 0.62 percent at 111,132.75. The Sensex has FALLEN 1300 points from high. The market would continue to overcome the effect of downs in shares if corona spreading is controlled. Generally gold rate is increased and does not gets under from high for the last 3 months. The shares with other countries are locked down temporarily due to the spreading of COVID-19. The world countries are strictly follow the rule of stay at home for save our life is mainly causes the economical swing. Yes, the major shares are omitted due to the lag of employees to do their duties.

Banks begins to reassign employees:

In U.S. and UK the headquarters of both are currently locked due to the COVID19 spreading. The American bank assigned 100 people out of an office to keep their working distinguisly to beat the swing in the stock markets. Banks are always trying to give their work samples to the countries without break to beat the lag of work. They are dividing the group of employees to different places for continue their works. Landon is splitting it’s employees or officers and sales representatives between the two other disaster recovery offices to overcome the spread of COVID-19.





This is an essential thing to listen. For those things are happened fastly due to the spreading of COVID-19. That still look at global stock markets are overdone. The global market gets down due to the crises. It will get rise up after the overcome of COVID-19.

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