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Cycle to work is the new mantra of UK citizens as coronavirus cases spike up

One of the investment for a major shift in transport announced on Saturday, by the United Kingdom prime minister, Boris Johnson’s administration is creating dedicated walking and cycling paths. The brand new transport plan includes movement in cities confined to cycling, walking and electric buses. The transport secretary Grant Shapps said “During this crisis, many people have discovered cycling, whether for exercise or as a way of safe, socially distanced transport… when the country does revisit to figure we’d like those people to remain on their bikes and be joined by many more”. The transport secretary announced £2 billion plan to boost walking and cycling during the lockdown and even post lockdown. He stressed that business will be enhanced by more cycling and walking. £250 million from the money is to enable local authorities to pay for cycling infrastructure to cater to physical distancing during the lockdown.

The announcements were made on a daily briefing on May 9. The secretary added that “Towns and cities based around active travel will have happier and healthier citizens also as lasting local economic benefits”. The plan which promotes the use of e-scooters and a new ‘bike tube’ network as well as installing more charging points for electric cars. He also added that local authorities need to make adjustments to their road layout to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists, he pointed out that cycling could increase by 5% it could mean fewer car journeys of about 8 million cars, 13 million fewer buses journeys and 9 million fewer rail journeys. In other countries like the Netherlands and even the Danish capital, bicycles are prioritized over cars.

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