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Delhi based teenagers glorifying the act of ‘gang rape’, chat screenshots leaked, Twitterati responds fumingly sought for Delhi police to take action

Cybercrimes and harassment have emerged as one of the most prominent forms of crime in recent years, especially among teenagers. On 3 May 2020, social media platforms Twitter and Instagram blew up with screenshots of an Instagram group chat labelled “Bois lockerroom” which contained highly graphic messages.

“Bois Locker Room Group Chat”

The group was formed by 26 boys between the ages of 16 to 18 years presumably from South Delhi. Screenshots showed that the boys were sending profiles of young girls to each other and discussing them in a vile and derogatory manner. The sickening screenshots are proof of the rampant rape culture, body shaming, slut-shaming, and the disgusting tone of sexual harassment that they indulged in as the boys went on to compare the girls between the ages of 14 and 17 years. A few of them even went to the extent of sharing nude pictures of some of the girls, often morphing the pictures.

“Social Media Expose”

The messages were leaked by an insider of the group who sent the screenshots to the evidence to the girls who were talked about. These girls further posted these on their accounts naming all those who were a part of the group and spoke of them in such a vile manner.

Several individuals on the group claimed to be “in-active” members and stated that they had no part in it. However, several people have been speaking up against their silent involvement in the situation and the complete ignorance that they have feigned.

“Rape Threats”

Once the situation started blowing up on social media, some of the boys went to the extent of threatening the girls as well as making another group called “Jai ka skrt skrt gang” where they further indulged in a commentary of rape culture and harassment. Instead of apologizing, they went on to send rape threats to those who exposed them.
Some people spoke up to defend those who claimed to be “in-active” members only to be
silenced by evidence that proved otherwise.

The girls involved have sought legal action against all those involved in the group and plan to file a complaint with the police.

“Social condemnation”

The sad truth is that this behaviour is quite prevalent in society and is often excused as “boys will be boys” which highlights the deep and traumatic issues ingrained in toxic masculinity. Several such group chats and conversations can be found objectifying women and young girls to the point those involved reach the point of enjoying rape culture and harassment. The disgusting female bashing has shocked several who knew those accused.

This incident evoked several angry messages by people all over social media platforms as they called out those involved in the heinous crimes and have demanded justice in hopes that it will deter others from being involved in such conversations or group chats which seek to objectify and dehumanize women. Several teenagers who knew those involved went on to post angry tweets about them stating that they were “freaking out” as some of them went to their school. Others showed their support to the girls and encouraged them to seek legal action.

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