Delhi CM Kejriwal invites suggestions from Delhiites on structuring the strategy of lockdown 4.0

The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has put the Delhi people to suggest ways
that could help to ease the restrictions of the lockdown and offer relaxations in the
lockdown after the 17th of May that is Extention aka lockdown 4.0. The public health
and the economy was to be the priorities while generating a road map to walkthrough
another phase of the lockdown.

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Arvind Kejriwal who has been making it a priority to make sure that relaxations are
given after the third phase of the lockdown end said that deli government will be
drafting the new proposal that needs to be shared with the union government before
May 15th after the reports have been based truly on the suggestions and ideas from
people and experts.

“On the one hand, we will have to protect ourselves from corona and take care of our
health while protecting the health of the economy on the other hand because of a lot of
people are facing difficulties due to the lockdown,” said Kejriwal after the order of
resuming economic activities across Delhi barring its containment zones.

Prime minister Narendra Modi on the video conferencing with all the ministers sought
suggestions from the state and union territories on Monday in the appeal of
arrangements after May 17th. Arvind Kejriwal urged PM to categories only the
containment zones as the red zones and not the 11 districts of Delhi.

“I want to know from people of Delhi whether or not relaxations should be offered or
not as the lockdown cannot be lifted altogether. To what extent should we offer relaxation? In what areas? Should buses run or the metro or autos and cabs?
Should schools and industrial areas including markets be opened? What all should
remain under lockdown and what all needs to be opened?” said Kejriwal during a

The suggestion will be accepted until Wednesday at 5 pm as the reports need to be
sent on Thursday to the centre. “I am looking for ideas. There will be no voting on the
received suggestion, we are also consulting experts and doctors.

There have been some sources that can be used by the people of Delhi to present
their suggestions for the relaxation implementation of the 4.0 phase.that are emailed at or 8800007722 Whatsapp number or recording
after dialling the dedicated helpline 1031.

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The suggestions sent by the Delhiites will be examined closely to understand if they
truly need to be implemented and will be taken into consideration accordingly.

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