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Delhi government announced new rules for Liquor shops and customers

After Arvind Kejriwal’s statement on Monday, later at night, the Delhi government imposed a ‘Special Corona Fees’ of 70% tax on Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of all the liquor brands. This pricing will be applicable from Tuesday, I.e., the next day.

The Finance Department of the Delhi government said, “70 per cent of the maximum retail price (will be levied) on all categories of liquor sold through retail licensees for consumption” of liquor. This aims at increasing the Indian economy that has been replaying since lockdown 1.0.

So here are the guidelines to keep in mind when visiting a liquor shop:

  1. There are 850 liquor shops in Delhi, of which, only 150 would be functional.
  2. The sale of liquor has been limited to 9 litres and 1 beer case for one customer.
  3. No overcrowding at shops. Only 5 people will be allowed at a time at each shop due to social distancing norm.
  4. No liquor stores to be opened in the containment areas of Delhi.
  5. No wine shop to be opened in the mall or multi-complex.
  6. Only stand-alone liquor shops have been allowed to operate across the country in red, orange and green zones.
  7. The timings for liquor shops to be opened in Delhi is 9 am to 6.30 pm.
  8. Spitting or not wearing a mask is a punishable offence under the prevailing laws at the liquor stores.
  9. A comparison between the old rates and the new rates of select brands:
  • Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky: Old – ₹900, New: Rs 1,530
  • McDowells No. 1: Old – Rs 370, New: ₹629
  • Blenders Pride Rare: Old: 750, New: ₹1,275
  • Royal Challenge: Old: ₹450, New Rs 765
  • Black Dog Centenary: Old: ₹1,450, New ₹2,465
  • CHIVAS Regal 12 Years Old: ₹2,800, New: ₹4,760
  • Teacher Highland Cream: Old – ₹1500, New: ₹2550
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