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Delhi Government declares Hindu Rao Hospital, a dedicated Covid-19 facility

Hindu Rao hospital which is the largest civic hospital in the national capital and is run by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has been declared as a dedicated Covid-19 facility centre. On Sunday, the Delhi health department issued an order that “Because of the projections of the rise in the coronavirus cases and the necessity of expanding bed capacity urgently, therefore, we announced that Hindu Rao Hospital as a designated Covid-19 centre”. Also, they have instructed the medical superintendent to make hospital beds available to admit the patients who are suffering from the prevailing pandemic disease i.e. Covid-19 as per the protocol laid down.

Hindu Rao hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Delhi situated on the ridge in civil line area of Delhi, almost opposite to the Ashoka pillar which was built in the 19th century. This hospital is the multi-speciality hospital which is run by MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI catering to the needs of all the sections of the society. In addition to providing the free OPD services and inpatient services, this hospital also offers reasonably priced facilities of a Nursing Home that has 48 spacious rooms. The services of Hindu Rao hospital are also utilized by the patients who are from rural areas and towns from neighbouring states.

This hospital also offered a large and well-diversified menu of preventive, primitive and curative services which range from the blood examination, providing of anti-rabies vaccination, CAT scan, Endoscopy, Hemodialysis and other medical facilities. Hindu Rao hospital is well equipped with modern diagnostic, therapeutic, and residential facilities for the patients. Also, primarily, this hospital provides a wide range of casualty and emergency services round the clock. It has a well-established network for a referral to other hospitals and has a pool of ambulances to transport the patients to the referral hospital.

Currently, the entire nation is suffering from the prevailing pandemic disease Covid-19, so the Delhi administration is working on identifying spaces which can be converted into makeshift hospitals with more than 2800 beds collectively. Government officials and the north corporation declared that they are going to convert the 980 beds of Hindu Rao hospital situated in North Delhi into a dedicated COVID hospital. Concerning this, one of the senior officials said that “primarily, it will be going to take four to five days to convert a hospital into a dedicated COVID facility. Before converting any hospital, first foremost thing which they are required to do is to sanitise the entire building then, already admitted patients have to be shifted to other hospitals. Thereafter, isolation wards have to be made for the COVID-19 patients and ventilator systems have to be streamlined. So, after following all such steps, the government official expects the hospital to be ready before June 18.

Jai Prakash who is the chairperson of the standing committee of North Delhi municipal corporation declared that “we are ready to give our facilities, like Hindu Rao hospitals to the government so that they can go ahead and work upon it by developing this hospital as the dedicated Covid-19 units and will ensure that will provide the better treatments to the patients for the speedy recovery”. On Friday, the Delhi government says that the civic bodies do not require any kind of approval for them to start treating the Covid-19 patients in their hospitals. President of Delhi Medical Association says that “Plans such as taking over the hotels, banquet halls and stadiums required huge capital investment and setting up makeshift hospitals will take more time, comparatively to readying operational hospitals for Covid-19 patients”. The key decision regarding the Hindu Rao hospital was taken in the high-level meeting between the State and the Centre on June 14.

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