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Delhi Government is ‘under-attack’ for ‘under-reporting’ coronavirus death

Hospital in Delhi reported a higher figure, because of that Delhi Government is ‘under-attack’ for ‘under-reporting’. Health minister Satyendra Jain said, there’s no reason to hide this numbers and not a single case will go under-account.

The Minister also said that the hospital didn’t send the number of death reports of the patient. There is some information about patients like the name, age and other things in the report.

There’s some confusion in Delhi over a death rate of the coronavirus patients. Four hospitals gave a report showing 92 people are yield and over 68 are mortality.
Indian Council of Medical Research said that the health department is also synchronized the last 24-hour time cycle for the daily report on Covid-19.

Congress leader asked “to be more transparent” to AAP government over this confusion in Delhi.
BJP leader and Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari said, “The reports of under-reporting of coronavirus deaths are a matter of concern. It is extremely shameful that to hide its failures, the Delhi government is reportedly hiding the figures of death due to COVID-19. This is not the time to indulge in politics.”

He also said, “Delhi people have a right to know about the severity of the epidemic and the Kejriwal government should at least tell them the truth.”

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