Delhi Government’s app to show the availability of ventilators and beds in hospitals nearby

Arvind Kejriwal had said on Saturday in a press conference that an app is being developed by Delhi Government to facilitate the COVID patients to reach hospitals. In spite of the continuous support of the City’s health care system, the citizens are still not sure about which hospital to take patients for treatment.

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This app is intended to support people by showing the number of hospital beds and ventilators available in nearby Government hospitals.

He said that this app is all set to launch this Monday. This app is expected to help them find hospitals and also eliminate any such issues.

For those citizens who don’t own a smartphone, this information will be made available on their website. Also, they can access the same on the 1031 helpline number.

He added that most infected people are either asymptomatic or show mild symptoms like mild cough, cold, and fever. Thus. their treatment can be done at their homes. So there isn’t a need to panic, he said.

Also, infected people can be admitted directly in the hospital where it is possible, instead of searching for hospitals with beds, health infrastructure, oxygen, and other such facilities. Thus the spread can be contained to a larger extent as they don’t need to move around.

Also, time is saved and the readiness in the availability of facilities is expected to reduce the death rate.

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The Chief Minister also added that hotels and oxygen concentrators are being taken over by the Government, for COVID-19 patients.

He reported that the present number of cases in Delhi is 17,000 with 2,100 patients in hospitals. Since 14 May when the number of cases was 8,500 the cases have doubled.

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