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Delhi Metro gearing up for resuming services, working on safety and social distancing protocols

Plans, to not break the social distancing norms and making life easy for the people, are bed ng made by the Delhi government. They are planning on resuming Delhi metro on a safer term.

The metro was not functional since the Janta Curfew was imposed. In a series of tweets, it was understood that the Delhi metro is trying to find ways to gear the transport and make its employees ready to start working in this pandemic. It also tweeted an image, implying caution stickers to be put up on the back of seats at regular intervals for social distancing.

They have already started renovation and cleaning of the Delhi metros. “The exercise is going to be extremely exhaustive because it involves cleaning and maintenance of 264 stations, over 2,200 coaches and over 1,100 escalators and 1,000 lifts etc,” it said.

Protocols are being practised too, to keep passengers safe during their arrival. But the date of opening of it has still not been decided. All systems of the metro, including signalling, electrical, rolling stock and tracks, will have to be tested in detail in order to ensure how safe this plan can be for the users.

Delhi metro has already started the training of a few of its employees to instruct them of the protocols.
“Coldwater high-pressure jet, battery-operated walk-behind automatic scrubber dryer, automated vacuum, steam cleaner, automatic escalator cleaners are getting used extensively for cleaning purpose,” DMRC tweeted.

“The Covid-19 infection is indeed spreading and full removal of lockdown wouldn’t be an honest idea. But I would like your suggestions on the relief of lockdown, about the tenure and gravity of the relief, on the sectors that ought to get the relief, and whether the public transport system should begin or whether buses, autos, metros ply. I also want your suggestions on whether markets and industrial areas should reopen,” Arvind Kejriwal asked.

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