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Distributors of consumer goods complaints of shortages of essentials

The All India Consumer Products Distributors Federation (AICPDF) stated that distributors of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are facing difficulty in stockpiling necessaries, specially packaged items like noodles, snacks, pasta, biscuits of some specific companies and also dishwashing products. The nationwide lockdown continues to interrupt the supply of goods affecting the stockpiles.

The President of AICPDF Dhairyashil Patil reported that the products and supplies are not going hand in hand and it has thus started to impinge on the market. Some of the FMCG sectors have resumed their manufacturing processes but not to their full potential. Some units are also running at a capacity of 50-70% pre- COVID production.

“As production was shut in March and April, many people used their buffer stock. So April was good for all distributors because they were still receiving stocks. However, since April 25 supplies have fallen, especially in food”. The situation will take eight to ten days to be back to normal, added Patil.

Subhasis Basu, chief operating officer, Prataap snacks said that the processed food items were in high demands during the lockdown and these firms are struggling more right now due to the dwindling production.

When the lockdown was put in place from March 25, customers panicked to buy daily essentials like rice, packaged flour, cereals etc., it had created a disorder of supplies in many places during the first phase only.

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