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Doctor robbed off his dignity even in death. Locals in Chennai tries to stop the burial of a neurosurgeon who died at the age of 55 due to Covid-19

Dr. Simon Hercules from Chennai, who tested positive for coronavirus took his last breath of Sunday. His family, Friends and corporation workers gathered to buried his dead body who was 55 year old neurosurgeon. But, they became the victim of mob violence at the TP Chataram Burial Ground in Kilpauk, Chennai. He was denied burial in the cemetery at Kilpauk, he was buried at another burial ground nearby.

The Local residents in Chennai demanded that the dead body which was buried somewhere else, as he was tested positive from the Wuhan coronavirus infection. They remained unwavering even after the police interrogation. When the body of Dr Simon was taken to Velangadu burial ground in Anna Nagar, even the hospital staff were faced the similar unwavering from the residents.

A Group of 50 locals tried to enter into the hospital. Two Staff members were assaulted and the ambulance vandalized. Reportedly, a health worker faced a head injuries. The injured staffed members are taken care at KMC hospital. Around 1:40 am in the night, Dr Simon dead body was laid to rest Velangadu burial ground in Anna nagar, Chennai.
Out of 50, total 20 people have been arrested for this mob violence by the Chennai police under Epidemic Disease Act and other Indian Penal Code Sections such as 147 (Rioting), 148(Armed with deadly weapons), 307(Attempt to murder) and 332(Obstructing a Public Servant).

Tamil Nadu Government Doctor’s Association (TNGDA) secretary Dr. N Ravishankar said “This is a shameful act. These fringe elements are robbing the prospect of a dignified burial. The government should send a robust message to the general public by taking severe action against the people that were involved within the brutal attack”.
Because of this brutal attack, Indian Medical Association (IMA) has called the protest demanding a special Central Law Against Law on doctors to be implemented.

“IMA has maintained utmost restraint and patience in spite of extreme provocations doctors have been abused, beat up, denied entry and residence. Obstruction to cremation is the last straw that IMA can bear. If dignity is denied even in death, our patience and restraint lose their value. We demand a special Central Law Against violence on doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and hospitals by an ordinance” a letter issued by IMA’s National president Dr Rajan Sharma and general secretary Dr R V Asokan.
Indian Medical Association tweeted this letter and declares the white alert to the nation on 22.04.2020 and black day on 23.04.2020.

Rajan Sharma blamed government for giving proper attention to the issued faced by doctors amid this pandemic situation.
Rajan Sharma gave this statement that “The doctors are rendering services at extreme risk at themselves. No nation sends its army to war within weapons. Doctors, nurses and doctors of his country are sent to fight against COVID-19 without PPE kits and that they are dying young defending their people. If the value of such services are not realised, the easiest thing for the doctor community will be to sit home. The bigger suffers will be community”.

“Several violent incidents later we are where we started our journey. The covid-19 has only made us acutely aware of our helplessness against mindless abuse and violence. Stigma and social boycotting are everywhere. Harassment by administration is nothing but violence by the state. Our patient and restraint are signs of strength. Our legitimate needs for safe workplaces need to be met. Abuse and violence should stop immediately” read the IMA’s Statement regarding white day.

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