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Donald Trump Didn’t Wear A Face Mask On His Visit To A Mask Making Plant At Arizona

During a visit to a Honeywell factory in phoenix on Tuesday, President Trump of the United States did not wear a face mask as a precaution against coronavirus. All employees in the Honeywell factory were wearing masks especially those in the production line. There was equally a sign in the factory saying that everyone was required to wear masks. The factory is making N95 masks as a response to the global pandemic by the federal government. The manufacturing plant is located in Phoenix, Arizona. According to the Guardian “even when standing next to a bin full of hundreds of masks, in a mask manufacturing factory, he still managed not to wear one”. The president received a lot of backlash due to his failure of not wearing a mask. Before boarding the plane President Trump said that he will wear a mask especially if it was a mask facility.

The manufacturing plant which is producing masks for the Department of Health and Human services had to rush into service as the country was experiencing a shortage in protective equipment like face masks. According to reports President Trump only wire goggles to cover his eyes, after his flight back he said the choice of wearing a face mask is optional. The United States continues to report more deaths and infections. It currently has about 1.3 million infections and 70,000 deaths. During a discussion at Honeywell, the president said “ we need to report our country, we have a great country. We can’t keep it closed”. Earlier this week his vice president Mike Pence was also criticized for not wearing a mask during a tour at the Mayo clinic despite the clinic making wearing face masks mandatory for all patients, stages and visitors.

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