Donald Trump says ‘Wants to do every possible thing to keep peace for people of India-China’.

Introduction :
There are some problems are going on between the two countries India and China. The main reason for their problem is the border issues. This problem is going on between the two countries for last few months. Recently, the US President Donald Trump has said that he want to do every possible things to keep India-China people in peace.
The US is supporting India in this issue. Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration came out to India and they are standing against the China. A press meet is held on Thursday. Trump says that he love both the India and China people. He wants to do every possible things to keep the people in peace. That was the only motive of the US administration, “White House Press Secretary kayleigh mentioned this Trump statement to the reporters at the news conference.

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             The State Secretary Mike Pompeo said that there is a great relationship is going on between the US and India. India has been a great partners of the US. They are our very important partners.

             He also added that he have a great relationship with his foreign minister counterpart. He said that he talked frequently about a broad range of issues. He also talked about the conflict that had along the border with China. Likewise, Pompeo told reporters in response to a question. 
            The co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee said that president Trump has come out openly to support India. 
             Trump is the only President came out fearlessly to support India. He is the only President had the courage to say that I love India, US Stands with India. Likewise, Mason said in his statement. 

Conclusion :
India-China people wish is to stop the problem and they wanted to live peacefully and unitedly. All the people’s across the world denotes the same. This is not at all a time to fight. This is the time fight against the covid19 pandemic. So let’s fight against the covid19 pandemic situation unitedly and bring back the earth to the normal condition.

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