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Aattam is both a play and a movie, like KG George’s all-time classic Yavanika(1982). It is also a play within a play within a movie. The film can be likened to a courtroom drama too, albeit sans a courtroom.

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Download "Aattam" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

However, above all, it stands out as one of the most brilliant Malayalam movies in recent times. Anand Ekarshi’s film masterful peels the thin Verner of progressiveness that men carry as a mask, and also shows how even the friendliest of spaces can turn hostile to women who dare to stand up for themselves, rooting for a Character gives us a sense of comfort, we are not especially aware of this until that rare movie comes along which does not provide us with that comfort such movies constantly upset our calculations and our understanding of particular characters; they end up pulling the rug from under our feet when we assume to be standing on stable ground.

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