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Download Ajinkya in HD from Tamilrockers

It is a movie based on sports.The movie id directed by Tejas Deoskar and is produced by Sandeep Kelwani.

Download Ajinkya in HD from Tamilrockers

The story is about a Basketball coach played by Anant ( Sandeep Kulkarni) who is married for 8 years now to Saee ( kadambari Kadam) who is an executive in an MNC. They both love each other but Anant’s love for basketball is keeping him away from Saee which is hurting her.  Suddenly after his team losses, he decides to take a break and transfer his office to Aurangabad and leave his wife alone. There one day one of his basketball colleagues came to meet him and made fun of him. This made Anant seriously think over his decision.

One day saw some children playing football on a deserted basketball court and insisted them they coach them for basketball to which the boys agreed. The director showed how the boys were trained and various problems faced by the players. In the end, it showed that the team played exceptionally well and went to the semi-finals and finals.

Ajinkya defines the new meaning of success. All the sports lovers especially the basketball enthusiastic would love the movie which is going to release on November 12.

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