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Crush is a 2024 American coming-of-age romantic comedy film directed by Sammi Cohen (in her feature directorial debut) and written by Kirsten King and Casey Rackham.

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Download "CRUSH" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

The film stars Rowan Blanchard and Auliʻi Cravalho in a story about a teenage girl joining her high-school track team to get closer to her crush, only to discover she is getting closer to another teammate. Crush was released digitally on Jan 19th on Hulu.

Paige Evans is a student at Miller High School who has a passion for art and hopes to study in a summer program at her dream school, CalArts. She struggles with the prompt which is to describe her happiest moment; she considers her unrequited long-time crush on popular student Gabby Campos as a possible topic.

Further complicating matters is ‘KingPun’, an anonymous artist who vandalizes the school with pun-based graffiti. Paige is widely suspected by students and school administration of being the culprit due to her interest in art. To avoid suspension, she agrees to join the track team while also discovering who the real KingPun is. With no other athletic aptitude to speak of, Paige is placed in the 4×100 relay along with Gabby and her sister AJ, with AJ tasked with training her. She goes to a house party that she believes KingPun is also attending and recruits AJ to help her investigation.

While staging a stakeout at the school, Paige and Gabby share an awkward kiss, Paige’s first. Paige’s friend Dillon suggests that the kiss is uncomfortable because Paige’s crush has passed, and she and AJ gradually become closer. The track team travels for a meet; at a party, members of the team play seven minutes in heaven. Paige and AJ are paired together and share a kiss, which AJ believes is the first for both of them.

Later, Paige meets Gabby in the hotel hallway and Gabby attempts to kiss her, which Paige rebuffs. At the track meet, Miller High places second in the relay. After the race, Gabby approaches Paige to apologize for the previous night, inadvertently revealing to AJ that the two previously kissed. AJ is heartbroken and reveals that she was KingPun all along.

To protect AJ, Paige attempts to confess to being KingPun, only to find out that AJ has already confessed and been suspended. With Gabby’s help, Paige stages an apology at a school assembly, creating a large mural of moments the two shared, which Paige submits to CalArts for her prompt. They reconcile, and AJ’s suspension is reversed, with the two sharing another kiss.

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