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Download “EVIL EYE” in HD for free from Amazon Prime and Uwatchfree

Evil Eye is on No. 3 in Amazon Prime’s Welcome to the Blumhouse hit-and-miss collection of spooky-season movies, which launched last week.

This one is based on Madhuri Shekar’s “Audible original” about emotional trauma, arranged marriage and a seriously powerful case of trans-Pacific mom-radar. Now let’s see if it’s worth putting our regular, non-evil eyes on it. Pallavi (Sunita Mani) is 29 and unmarried, and the world has not stopped turning.

This is true, in spite of her mother Usha’s (Sarita Choudhury)… concerns? Meddling? Dogged adherence to the Indian cultural norms that Pallavi finds wearisome? Usha and Krishnan (Bernard White) raised Pallavi in America before moving back to Delhi, and now their daughter lives a relatively free-spirited life in New Orleans.

But all this doesn’t stop Usha from arranging dates for Pallavi, the 8,000 miles between them be damned. Evil Eye is ultimately too middle-of-the-road to recommend. The text is rote; same goes for the subtext.

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