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Netflix has already unveiled the trailer of Forever Rich. The Dutch comedy, drama and crime thriller movie is going to release shortly on October 1. Director and writer Shady El-Hamus’ second feature film seems to be more petrified. Jeroen Scholten van Aschat has also co-written the script. The copyright has owned by the production company named Fiction Valley.

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Download Forever Rich in HD from Uwatchfree

This first Dutch Netflix produced feature film is also known as De Libi. Richie, a well-known hip hop rap artist in the Netherlands, was all set to hit the most important show of his career. Before that, a life-changing episode took place in his life when a gang of armed teenagers attacked and robbed his prized possession, which is his expensive watch. That not only tarnished his reputation, an image he built by his hard work over the years.

The conflict initiates in the plot when Richie seeks to avenge and chase the gang to get his watch back.Jonas Smulders, Daniel Kolf, Sinem Kavus, Mustafa Duygulu, Hadewych Minis and Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing are featured in the film. It’s going to be worth watching how Richie gets back what he lost.

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