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Download “FRANK OF IRELAND” English full series in HD

The official trailer for Frank of Ireland, a hilarious and irreverent new comedy written by brothers Brian and Domhnall Gleeson and Michael Moloney, was released today on Amazon Prime Video.

Download "FRANK OF IRELAND" English full series in HD

Frank of Ireland is a physical and absurdist brand of comedy with a unique twist. Frank Marron, a 32-year-old catastrophe played by Brian Gleeson (Peaky Blinders, The Bisexual), is a misanthropic fantasist in arrested development who believes the world owes him. He’s also a hero to us. Frank is still living at home with his mother, Mary, despite the fact that he is newly single (Pom Boyd, Rosie). He’s a self-described musician with a shaky grasp on reality who hasn’t written or performed in years.

Frank’s ex-girlfriend Alne (Sarah Greene, Dublin Murders) has a new boyfriend, which may be making things difficult for him. Fortunately, Frank has a devoted best friend, Doofus (Domhnall Gleeson, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), whose full-time job is to clean up the mess Frank has left behind.

Frank of Ireland is a hilarious story about a man’s haphazard search for respect, set in an idyllic Dublin suburb, as he struggles to grow up and get his life together, hopefully without destroying everything in the process. Clelia Mountford and Sharon Horgan executive produce Frank of Ireland for Merman, Brian Gleeson, Domhnall Gleeson, and Michael Moloney. The show is a collaboration.

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