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Download “GET THE GOAT” full series in HD Tamilrockers

Get The Goat is a Netflix original film about a Brazilian buddy cop. Vitor Brandt is the director of the film. On March 18th, 2021, Get The Goat, aka Cabras Da Peste, will arrive. The buddy cop genre film tells the funny tale of two cops who team up to achieve the almost impossible.

Download "GET THE GOAT" full series in HD Tamilrockers

Brucellosis is a cop who, despite his hard work, hasn’t been able to accomplish much in his village. Celestina, the village’s prized goat, mysteriously vanishes, and Bruceullis tries to save the goat and flies to Sao Paulo to get her back. There, he encounters Trindade, a police clerk who agrees to assist Bruceullis in his quest for the goat.

Despite the fact that working in the sector isn’t Trindade’s strong suit, he decides to embark on this adventure. What begins as a simple goat hunt quickly becomes a much more complex case involving drug dealers and small-time offenders. Will the two of them be able to support Celestina?

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