Download “HAUNTED: LATIN AMERICA” full series in HD Tamilrockers

Netflix’s latest Spanish-language horror docuseries Haunted: Latin America, based on its Haunted docuseries, will immerse audiences in the horror stories of people who have witnessed paranormal activity in Latin American countries such as Mexico and Colombia.

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Download "HAUNTED: LATIN AMERICA" full series in HD Tamilrockers

Mexican director Adrián Garca Bogliano (Here Comes the Devil) introduces viewers to a group of Latinos who can’t understand any of the things they’ve seen, from beings inside their home to full-blown possessions, in the first trailer for the season. One of the docuseries’ subjects says, “I was terrified of thinking someone was entering the house and imagining it was something paranormal.” “That house was definitely haunted.”

Haunted: Latin America contains reenactments of some of the circumstances in which these people find themselves, as well as interviews with the people who witnessed the hauntings. A demonic creature with red eyes appears in one scene, snarling at its victims.

In another, a young boy discovers a man approaching him from outside his bedroom window. A man says, “My brother kept believing that something was lurking behind that window.” Others characterized what they saw and witnessed as “the Devil,” “absolute evil,” and “an endless nightmare.” “It’s so mortifying, so frightening,” one man says. “It isn’t easy to live the way I do.”

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