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Get ready for a hilarious Gujarati cricket comedy that will have you laughing in the aisles! Lagan Special, hitting theatres on February 2nd, 2024, promises a delightful blend of humour, sportsmanship, and small-town charm.

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Download "Lagan Special" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

The film revolves around a motley crew of cricket enthusiasts in a village called Kutchgadh. They dream of participating in the prestigious “Lagan Cup,” a local cricket tournament renowned for its fierce competition and hefty prize money.

However, their team, the aptly named “Lagan Specials,” is far from your typical cricket champions. Lagan Special boasts a vibrant cast of talented actors. Abhishek Sharma, known for his comedic timing, perfectly embodies the bumbling charm of Vicky. Kinjal Dave adds a spark of sass and skill as Maya.

The supporting cast, including Rakesh Patel and rising stars like Jayesh Desai and Smit Ganatra, ensure a steady stream of laughs and heartwarming moments. Lagan Special is directed by the up-and-coming Rahul Bhanushali, who brings a fresh perspective to the sports comedy genre.

The film is produced by Sunshine Productions, known for its family-friendly entertainment. With a reported budget of ₹25 crore, Lagan Special promises high-quality production values, capturing the rustic charm of rural Gujarat alongside the electrifying atmosphere of the cricket matches.

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