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Download “Lehmberginni” in HD from Sdmoviespoint

One of the most eagerly awaited Punjabi films, “LehmberGinni,” starring Ranjit Bawa and Mahira Sharma, was revealed about a year ago.

Download "Lehmberginni" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

In addition to the main cast, this Ishaan Chopra film will also include a number of other actors, including Kimmi Verma, Nirmal Rishi, and Sarabjit Cheema. Sukhjeet Jaito provides the movie’s plot and overall theme.

Originally slated to visit theatres on April 28, the movie will now open on May 12 this year. SSD Productions, Hang Boys Studio, 91 Films, and Omjee Cine World are the production companies behind the movie.

The movie is releasing on June 2, 2023.

The movie is being produced by Shabeel Shamsher Singh, Jass Dhami, Ashu Munish Sahni, Sukhmanpreet Singh, Naveen Chandra, and Nandita Rao Karnad. The crew had begun the shoot the previous year and posted many pictures on social media.

The wordplay in the title, however, suggests that it is a love film. It’s interesting how songs with the term “Lamborghini” were popular in 2018, and now there’s a movie with the same name. However, the movie’s name isn’t the automobile, as we might assume; rather, it’s the name of the boy and girl who the plot centres around Lehmber and Ginni. The movie’s slogan, “Painge Syaape Lehmber Saambhuga Aape,” makes it clear that it is a rom-com with a London setting.

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