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With the world of television making reality out of anything, Netflix’s next roll of dice involves the moment that a traditional, successful couple has to make a budgetary choice do they get married or do they get a mortgage? And you can understand the dilemma of saving money is a hard feat in a hard-hitting world do you spit it out on a single day, or do you make a lifetime investment? It’s a serious test for a lot of people.

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But, as the first episode states, getting a mortgage with your other half is just as much a commitment in today’s financial structure, Although the series favours rational decisionmaking, the final decision seems to be based on emotional reasoning.

The reality series is hosted by two experts in the field who compete against one another to convince the couple to continue their marriage or pay off their mortgage. Nichole Holmes is a well-known real estate agent, and Sarah Miller is a well-known wedding planner.

Both women aren’t there to be the show’s furniture; there’s a genuine desire to win, so expect a few rolling eyes and desperate last-minute pitches to sway a couple. Marriage or Mortgage functions as a term because it taps into a real-life choice that couples face every day.

As much as we preach that long-term relationships are about love and communication, there comes a point when making the right financial decisions can be just as important to a couple’s long-term success. Season 1 of Marriage or Mortgage idolizes conventional relationships, demonstrating what couples can do if they work hard together.

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