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Download “Mumbai Mafia: Police Vs The Underworld” in HD from Tamilrockers

Netflix presents the “Mumbai Mafia: Police vs The Underworld” documentary in Hindi and English language. Directed by Francis Longhurst and Raaghav Dar, Produced by Morgan Matthews and Sophie Jones. Production company- Minnow Films.

Download "Mumbai Mafia: Police Vs The Underworld" in HD from Tamilrockers

Its story follows the battle for the future of Mumbai which raged on the city’s streets between police and organized crime through the 1990s. On one side: D-Company, an infamous group of gangsters known for being a ruthless, violent operation who use extortion, racketeering, drugs and finally terrorism to hold the city in a bulldog grip.

And on the other: a rising band of ‘Encounter Specialists’, a team of maverick moustachioed police officers tasked with taking back control of the streets. The documentary is going to be released on 6 January only on Netflix. 

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