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Download “NINE PERFECT STRANGERS” Amazon Prime full series in HD Tamilrockers

Nine perfect strangers is an upcoming American drama streaming television miniseries elicited from the best seller 2018 novel of Liane Moriarty sharing the same title of the drama. The first three episodes will launch on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 20th August, with the other five added weekly until the finale on Friday 24th September and will also start streaming on Hulu from 18th August. It will not stream on Netflix, since it is a Hulu and Amazon Prime Video original. The drama series has been created by David E.Kelley and John-Henry Butterworth.

Download "NINE PERFECT STRANGERS" Amazon Prime full series in HD Tamilrockers

Nine Perfect Strangers is a narrative of nine strangers beset by traumas and other difficulties who venture on an escape trip to seek a wellness retreat in Northern California to the Tranquillum House. During this 10-day retreat, the nine strangers are under the treatment of a Russian woman, Masha, who is also the director of the resort and has her own intriguing story of rebirth. While the new guests brim with an expectation of a detox retreat, they eventually come to realise that Tranquillum House is a bit mysterious that will leave them shell-shocked.

Hulu cast is an ensemble of stars. The Academy Award winner and a face well appreciated for her unforgettable and majestic roles in “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, Nicole Kidman will take on the lead role as the director of the Tranquillum House, Masha. McCarthy, an Oscar-nominated performer, is essaying the role of a romance novelist, Frances Welly, one of the strangers.

The other casts aka guests seeking a wellness retreat are Tony (Bobby Cannavale) struggling with opioid addiction following a sports injury; married couple Jessica (Samara Weaving) and Ben (Melvin Gregg) have lost their spark; Carmel (Regina Hall) is reeling from family drama and motherhood-induced insecurities; and the Marconi family (Asher Keddie, Michael Shannon, and Grace Van Patten) are looking to reconnect after a death that nearly tore their family apart and Lars (Luke Evans) whose reason behind his presence in the house is a bit complicated. With watchers of the Big Little Lies and The Undoing thrilled about the suspense-filled series, Nine Perfect Strangers has received its own share of critical reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter reviewed it and said, “The greatest trick Adam Sandler ever pulled was getting major Hollywood studios to finance vacation trips for him and his professional family to the likes of Hawaii (50 First Dates), Africa (Blended), rural Massachusetts (Grown Ups) and the ’80s (The Wedding Singer) under the guise of “moviemaking,” often without any evidence of a script. The Adam Sandler Method, it turns out, was actually the ideal framework for COVID-19 shooting as well. Take a containable ensemble of actors, preferably with some familiarity with each other and/or the creative team. Descend on an equally contained location, preferably one where people are happy to be quarantined for a couple of months. Pray that by keeping the circle of trust small, the chances for contamination are small as well.

The cast of Nine Perfect Strangers is too good for the limited series to ever be unwatchable. But after seeing six of eight hour-long episodes, I’m pretty sure the biggest mystery has nothing to do with any of the damaged characters; it’s whether anybody involved realized that, under sheer bad timing, the thematically anaemic show would inevitably be reduced to White Lotus for Dummies.”It further added, “With two episodes unseen, Masha could still be revealed as an alien, a robot or sincere health care professional. The only reason I’m curious to stick around and find out is to see if the finale justifies why so much talent wanted to be a part of this series. Perhaps a paid vacation in uncertain times was sufficient to lure, and Adam Sandler had it right all along.”Nevertheless, the series over everything has been set in a time and is talking about a topic effortlessly relevant to the time of the pandemic. It has the capability to enrapture its audience with all the suspense and a relatable subject.

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