Download “OUT OF THE BLUE (2021)” Hindi full movie in HD Tamilrockers

This movie is coming soon to the box office, 15 August (2021) talking about the full cast crew and box office.

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Download "OUT OF THE BLUE (2021)" Hindi full movie in HD Tamilrockers

The writer of this movie credit goes to Tasha Bhambra and Mohneesh Kalyan. And the producer’s of this movie is Shikha Kalsi / Varun Kumar and Satbir Chingh who is the executive producer. This film is directed by Mohneesh Kalyan. And cast by Mohit Nain, Amisha Sinha, Rajkumar Kanaujiya, Ashish Warang. And the credit of cinematography done by Deepak Kumar Ram. This film is edited by Kashish Sharma and Prasanna Singh. Talking about the makeup department which is done by Sandesh Shisat and Calib Logan.

Camera and electrical department created by Anand, Prakash, and Sandeep. Location management is provided by Vinod. An additional crew member is Rajkumar Milind. The Genres of this movie is basically a drama. All the cast and crew member of out of the Blue movie done great role and creative work and it drove the attention of the audience towards that trailer of this movie.

Talking about this movie is basically a story of a girl, who has been kidnapped, and try to change the mind of the kidnappers by convinces him to fall for her, so they can let her go.

This movie will be coming soon to the box office which may be released on 15, August (2021) so you must go and watch and enjoy this movie because the trailer is looking very interesting and creatively which is released by the crew and cast of the out of a blue movie.

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