Download Preethigibbaru in HD from Tamilrockers

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a film is set to hit the screen on February 11, which will see a family with friends. Yes… the title of this film is the perfect title for lovers. This is a film. B. The story was written and directed by T. Balaji Borligorla, who was originally a builder, through Akshata Movies.

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Download Preethigibbaru in HD from Tamilrockers

There have already been several films around love and love. To this end, the film is about the romance of the village. A love story of two cute couples who grew up in a village environment. In some difficult situations, the lovers can see the poison of casteism, as well as whether or not lovers live together.

In addition, two daughters have been raised as villains in the Qadar Look for Khadi. The film features a lot of young talent, with the help of experienced artists. Govinda as the hero and Nirosha Shetty as the heroine.

Manjula and Kavya Prakash are the other villains. The film is composed by Anurag Reddy, background music by AT Raveesh, photography by Ramesh Gowda, compilation Arjunkittu, Sahitya Dr Doddarangegowda, saharya Aryan Srinivasan-Ashok, dancing Praveen. The trailer of the currently released movie is making a huge noise. This latest “love affair” of village charm is set to hit the nationwide on February 11.

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