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Saapala, a Marathi language mystery thriller hitting theaters on January 19th, 2024. Prepare to be captivated by its intriguing plot, stunning visuals, and powerful performances. The film delves into the ancient legend of the Nāgoba, a benevolent serpent deity worshipped in parts of Maharashtra.

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Download "Saapala" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

When a series of mysterious snakebite deaths plague a remote village, Anya (played by Tejashree Pradhan), a sharp-witted forest officer, is called in to investigate. Saapala boasts a talented cast led by Tejashree Pradhan, known for her nuanced performances. She brings a sense of determination and intelligence to the role of Anya.

The supporting cast includes veterans like Upendra Limaye, Shashank Shende, and Milind Gawli, adding depth and experience to the narrative. Saapala marks the directorial debut of Prashant P. Shirsath, who brings a fresh perspective to the mythological thriller genre.

The film is produced by Aditya Productions, known for its high-quality productions. With a reported budget of ₹40 crore, Saapala promises stunning visuals, breathtaking special effects, and an original soundtrack that blends traditional Marathi music with contemporary elements.

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