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Netflix has distributed a new documentary on January 6, 2021, called Surviving Death. The season 1 of the series is now streaming on Netflix consisting of 6 episodes with a running time of forty-five to fifty-five minutes for each episode.

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The docuseries is directed by Ricki Stern, discuss the stories of different people who have experienced death with a close eye. It tells us some real as well as fictional stories about life after death. Stern has taken a very journalistic view on the idea of reincarnation which means rebirth in a religious belief and study of afterlife.

It has favoured a realistic and scientific approach and not favoured from the viewpoint of superstitious belief. So, if you are interested in watching what happens afterlife not from an illusionary side but from a practical side then Surviving Death Season 1 is a perfect thing for you to binge on.

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