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Download “The Invitation” English Movie in HD from Tamilrockers

The Invitation is an upcoming American supernatural horror film written by Blair Butler and directed by Jessica M. Thompson. The movie was inspired by the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker and the film follows a young woman who after her mother’s death meets long lost-family members for the first time only to discover the skeletons they carry in their closet and dark secrets they carry with them.

Download "The Invitation" English Movie in HD from Tamilrockers

After the death of her mother and having no other known relatives, Evelyn (Evie) Jackson takes a DNA test and discovers a long-lost cousin she never knew she had. She is invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside and she is seduced by an aristocratic host. However, she is thrust into a nightmarish situation as she uncovers dark secrets about her family and the unsettling reasons behind their generosity.

The producer of this movie is Emile Gladstone under Screen Gems, Mid Atlantic Films and Emile Gladstone Productions. The lead role in the movie is played by Nathalie Emmanuel while Thomas Doherty, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden, Courtney Taylor and Hugh Skinner play supporting roles. The music in this movie is composed by Dara Taylor while the cinematography is done by Autumn Eakin. Tom Elkins edits the movie. The Invitation is scheduled to be released on 23rd September and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

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