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Download “THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD” English full movie in HD

In the woodlands of Montana, the forest is set ablaze. Firefighters parachutes into the wilderness and Hannah is one of them. The scorching fire has proliferated across the whole forest, reminiscing Hannah of her disturbing past blunder, which had burnt the lives of three children. Consigned to a lonely watchtower in the woods due to her negligence after the rescue operation had gone off terribly wrong, nothing seems to fall in favour of Hannah.

Download "THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD" English full movie in HD

After this point, the story shifts towards enthralling scenes and action. In the nearby place, two men arrive at the house of the district attorney, claiming to be from the gas company but turns out they were here to implant the explosives Th assasins Jack and Patrick then go for a hunt and they desperately need to murder 12-year old Connor Cassidy’s dad Owen, who is a forensic accountant because he might be holding something that might incriminate the wrongdoings of their boss.

Even though the father and son were on the run to Montana to hang with his brother, but the assasins were smart enough to slyly follow them and only Connor could pull through. Connor runs into the woods, it’s pitch dark, he’s searching for a place to hide against the assains because they’re on the hunt for him, he’s shivering, panting all emotions run down through him, and amidst all this, he runs into Hannah, Connor narrates his ordeal to Hannah, she with a brave heart promises Connor for his safety.

The plot seems to entwine the watcher’s mind because you are unaware of what will happen next. It’s an interesting story with jawdropping twists and spoilers.

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