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Triptych, a Netflix presentation is Mystery, thriller, and drama series going to release on 22 February only on Netflix. The planned drama series, which was created by Leticia Lopez Margalli and is being produced by Leonardo D’Antoni and Alba Gil, is a crime thriller that centres on the deception of forensics specialist Becca. Maite Perroni, who plays the Detective in the movie, is the protagonist. Starring others such as David Chocarro, and Flavio Medina. 

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It is the story of Becca, a forensic officer tasked with looking into every murder case and figuring out how people died. But one day, when she excels at what she does, she is overcome with sadness when she sees that the murder victim resembles her. Just getting started with the conspiracy. She understands that the deceased triplet is one of the sisters she has never seen and that she is one of the triplets. Now She has to look into the woman’s demise, the loss of her other twin, and the reason they weren’t raised together.

However, the preview for the forthcoming episode is entirely in Spanish, and without subtitles, it is difficult to understand what is happening. The number of episodes for the series has not yet been decided, but we are certain that it will be in due course. The availability of the series for all users of the free plan is also uncertain.

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