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Upadhyaksha is a gripping political drama set to release on January 25th, 2024. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of power struggles, betrayals, and the fight for justice, all brought to life by a stellar cast and crew.

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Download "Upadhyaksha" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

Shiva (played by Yash) is an ambitious and idealistic young man who joins the murky seas of politics to fight for the rights of the oppressed. He swiftly rises through the ranks, finally becoming the state assembly’s Upadhyaksha (Deputy Speaker). His position, however, quickly places him at the centre of a web of plots and corruption, compelling him to choose between his values and political pragmatism.

Upadhyaksha has an all-star cast led by Kannada cinema’s reigning monarch, Yash. Yash, who is known for his action-packed parts, plays a nuanced and deep character in Shiva, demonstrating his flexibility as an actor.

The supporting ensemble includes veteran performers such as Prakash Raj, Sudeep, and Kriti Kharbanda, who bring depth and experience to the story. The film is helmed by the acclaimed director Nannivade Krishna, known for his critically acclaimed films like “U-Turn” and “Gantumothe Ganasagara.” Upadhyaksha marks his foray into the political thriller genre, and his keen eye for detail promises a gripping and realistic portrayal of the world of politics.

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