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Download Upcoming Summer in Hd from Uwatchfree

It tells the story of a girl who failed the college entrance exam and a young man who’s a free soul. Chen Chen failed the gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) while Zheng Yu Xing had to return to school because he missed the exams. The two ended up meeting because of a lie Chen Chen said and had to come up with a way to quell the doubts of their teachers and parents. Having met in their youth, they hold hands as they face different problems growing up and forge a deep friendship.

Download Upcoming Summer in Hd from Uwatchfree

The coming-of-age, heart-warming teen drama film revolves around a pair of high school students who experience a summer of growth and change together amid white lies, loneliness, lost love affairs and parental divorce. Though before entering the theatres, assuming the two are engaged in a romantic puppy love story, many later discovered it was not really the case. It stands out in the youth film genre with a fresh perspective and without old clichés in other such films.

“What you love or what you want cannot always be fulfilled. But you have to accept this, bravely face your true self – this is the most important thing for the film,” the director said. 

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