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Download “VYUHAM (TELUGU)” in HD for free from Aha and 9xmovies

In the circle of lies, will the truth ever strive? Presenting Tovino Thomas in an all-new avatar with #VyuhamOnAHA One of the top streaming services of India owned by Arha Media and Broadcasting Private Limited popularly known as AHA is now streaming with World Digital Premier VYUHAM. It is directed by Madhupa and starring Tovino Thomas, Nimisha Sajayan, & Anu Sithara.

In the upcoming Vyuham, Tovino is seen as a shy person, who has been trapped in a murder. This makes him come up with the lawyer to prove his innocence. This will be very interesting to see Tovino in his new avatar and how he manages to prove himself with another starring cast Nimisha, Anu and many more. It will be very anticipating to catch up all the thrill in the vyuham and how a shy guy gets up to prove himself.

To find out how the circle of lies, thrill, drama and many more in Telgu stay connected with the AHA streaming with #VyuhamOnAHA after realising its trailer on 22 December 2020 on its official WORLD DIGITAL PREMIER, AHA. To know whether Truth came up even after obstacles catch up everything on AHA.

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