Dr Harsh Vardhan said lockdown acted as a ‘potent social vaccine’

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that lockdown as a measure has been taken at the right time and said that it acted as social vaccines. However, the virus has been pacing fast in the country as the country moves towards the end of the 4th the phase of the lockdown in about a week’s time.

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“Lockdown was imposed in India at the right time while the other countries wasted many days to take the decision. In some countries when the situation went out of control and in some countries it was only a partial lockdown,” said Sardha.

Earlier the doubling rate for the virus was 3.4 days now has extended to 13 days. lockdown and its guidelines have acted as a potent vaccine.

The COVID 19 cases in India have reached the number of 1,31,868 with more than 3,000 lives that have been claimed by the virus as stated by the union ministry of health and welfare.

Although measures have been taken and are continued to be taken but Maharashtra continues and the number of cases has spiked recently according to the health ministry Maharashtra has the highest number of 47,190 cases that are positive and almost 2000
deaths due to the virus.

The 4th phase has been imposed with some relaxations till the 31st of May but the government is keeping some necessary curbs so as to not lose complete control of the situation.

It was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week that India should become self-reliant and for the purpose while addressing the nation on the outbreak of COVID 19 and said that the unprecedented crisis but we have to move while moving forward.

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