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Eiffel Tower to re-open for the public from June 25

Paris’s Eiffel Tower will reopen to the public on June 25 after its forced shut for more than three months now. The iconic and the world’s most famous structure, The Eiffel Tower has been closed since 13 March, due to the widespread of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the longest time recorded since the monument has been closed after World war II.

Today, Paris city authorities announced, that the Eiffel Tower is set to reopen for public and tourists, as it is one of the popular tourist attractions of France, all over the world.

The Eiffel tower management issued some guidelines that are to be followed in order to visit the monument. As per the visiting guidelines, the wearing of the mask will be mandatory for anyone aged 11 or older with limited visitors at first.

Further, it was mentioned that all the people without any exception would have to take the staircases instead of the elevators considering the safety measures for public. “At first, only visits by the stairs will be available (second-floor tickets by stairs including a visit of the first floor). To ensure that ascending and descending visitors do not meet in the stairs, the ascent will take place from the East pillar and descent by the West pillar,” the guidelines in the statement read on the website.

The French government started to ease lockdown measures in the country from mid-May, the Palace of Versailles reopened on June 6 and the Louvre Museum in Paris will welcome back visitors from July 6 onwards.

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