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Engineers facing a race against time in pune to develop the low cost ventilator


India is the developing country so, it contains only the limited number of medical facility . Now due to the he pandemic disease Covid-19, India needs large amount of medical supply to treat the patients. Engineers struggling to increase the ventilation supply in the hospitals. Scientists and researchers trying their hard to treat Covid-19. Engineers in pune are very talented in economics, their finds medical support is needed to treat the disease. Now a Days, Covid-19 is in had proved that it affects cats, dogs, mice etc.., from animals human had get transmitted. symptoms varies from person to person depending upon the individual immune power. Scientists reveals first microscopic image of novel Corona virus.

Pregnant women immunologic and physiologic change which might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infection including Covid-19. When scientists view the virus there were shocked because it was new and there didn’t effect, it will affect the entire world. In this vast world, Covid-19 had became a part and soak the whole universe. Covid-19 had lead to the drop-down in financial and economical growth of India. The people must be strong to face and there must increase their immune power to the body which helps to fight against the viruses. For many disease Their is no medicine in India, but we had the ability to face the situation. The inner level confidence will make a man to fight against Covid-19.

Increase in medical instruments

Covid-19 affects the entire world. so, it is needed to increase the medical treatment and instruments. The people must be more preventive and precaution is better then cure. One must be more aware of Covid-19. There is no particular treatment and researchers are trying their best to make the effective treatment. Many schools and educational institutions are converted into medical care centres for those who are affected by the Covid-19. Covid-19 patients are isolated and taken care by the doctors. More than the doctors now the engineers are in process to cure Covid-19. Engineers are also responsible for the protective measures. Their were lot of disadvantages in using the ventilators. Use of ventilator helps in breathing but it also affects lungs. To provide the air ventilator tubes is added that tube will be infected by the microorganisms. And this leads to bronchitis


Covid-19 affects not only migrant workers are affected but also many banks and people are affected at the major extent. The effects due to corona virus is abandon and uncountable. Any were died because of this pandemic disease. As their is no medicine and doctors were struggling to find them.
The countries such as china, Spain, France had faced huge loss. These workers rejected to go through buses and travelled to their villages by walking due to their lockdown, in order to avoid the crowd UPSRTC had announced not obstruct the movement of buses carrying the migrant workers from Delhi and other parts. scientists reveal first microscopic image of novel corona viruses. But the people and doctors must reveal the first medicine for this pandemic disease. people must be more aware to prevent them. Again, Cleanliness is next to godliness.

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