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FIR has been filed against Noida Company officials for hiding travel history

A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against the officials of the company in Noida, ‘Ceasefire’, for hiding their recent travel history from authorities and failure on their part to self-quarantine. The officials had tested for COVID-19 and led to infecting a number of employees in the office. The total number of coronavirus cases has gone up to 31 in Gautam Budh Nagar and 7 in Ghaziabad.


The Gautam Buddhh Nagar Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Anurag Bhargav had stated that 13 people from the company had tested positive for the coronavirus and could have been in contact with several others, thus passing it onto them as well.

The office staff members, including one foreigner, who had returned from a foreign trip had hidden their travel history from authorities and had gone to work regularly. The Managing Director had returned from the United Kingdom on 1 March 2020. In addition to this, a foreign staffer who had carried out an audit of the company from the 14th to the 16th of March which had not been reported to the authorities irrespective of the constant urging of the health departments. This negligence on their part led to the infecting of several individuals from their office, with an even greater risk of passing it on to several others, including their own family members.

“I appeal to the people that if anyone of you has returned from foreign or knows about anyone coming from abroad, please inform the health department and ensure such a person practices home quarantine without fail,” Bhargava said.
An FIR has been filed under the Uttar Pradesh Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 by the CMO.

DM responds

District Magistrate BN Singh said, “The company is named Ceasefire, its owner and some other people had come from foreign countries and hidden their travel history. They later tested positive and due to this many employees of the company were exposed to the infection. These officials hid their travel history from the authorities and did not stay in self-quarantine. Therefore, we have issued orders to file an FIR against them.”

The DM further went on to plead to those coming from foreign countries and all those who may have had contact with such individuals to follow the regulations as stated by the ICMR and Central Government to self-quarantine to prevent the further spreading of the virus. “If they are feeling sick, they should reach out to the authorities, following which they will be tested for the coronavirus and they will be asked to live in government quarantine facilities.These measures should be strictly followed. We also urge other residents to point out to such people to stay inside their homes. Be inside your homes, be a responsible citizen,” he added.


Cases such as these highlight the importance of social distancing and self-quarantine. Not only did these individuals put their own lives at stake, but also those of their family others and maybe several more. Authorities are constantly urging the public to follow regulations and practice the guidelines issued by the ICMR. It is of the utmost importance that citizens are vigilant to ensure the containment of this virus. Individuals are constantly being asked to reveal their travel history and contact history to help identify those who may be infected or may even be carries of the virus. Being a carrier does not only put oneself at risk but also all those around them, especially those with low immunity, old people, young children and those suffering from Immune System deficiencies and disorders as these individuals are included in the high-risk category. As of Yesterday, the cases increased to 1000, with 19 deaths recorded so far. This number is only expected to exponentially increase as the rate of testing increases. The only this virus can be contained is if people follow the practice of social distancing, self-quarantine, and hygiene in order to keep themselves and those around them safe from being infected. This is a social responsibility every individual has in order to help the authorities tackle the infamous COVID-19 that has brought the greatest nations to their knees.

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