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Flipkart announces a series of initiatives to help its sellers get back in their feet post-April 20

The eCommerce business Flipkart is now allowing its sellers to choose between
working or not in the lockdown situation.
From April 20 all eCommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart will again be able to
sell an item like stationary personal care mobile refrigerators and other electronics.
this relief has come with a condition that the delivery will only be done to the areas
that do not fall under the Covi 19 hotspots.

A moratorium period has been applied to the loans existing taken through Flipkart’s
Growth Capital Programme for a period of 3 months.
To get the sellers back on track a three month moratorium period has been
implemented by Flipkart to allow its sellers with businesses again.
The moratorium period has been applied to pay off existing loans that any of the
sellers had, insurance for the sellers and their families in the pandemic of
coronavirus at special rates and has also allowed to extend the date of all the
payments to be made by the subscribers of paid premium services and storage fees
as well for the sellers.

The support team built by Flipkart to help its 2 lakh sellers is constantly helping its seller with they can get back on their feet and get rid of any debts if they have with
Flipkart.” the team is providing counseling to its sellers while staying on- ground to let the consumers’ purchase products and resume operations with this initiative while
staying inside “ said the Walmart owner.

Flipkart is not pressurizing any of its workers to work and has given them the choice
to work or not during the outbreak of coronavirus in the country since the delivery will
only be accepted to the places that are not hotspots.
The team is also helping the sellers by providing them constant updates on orders
and what they should be keeping in their inventory during this time to get more

As said earlier, Flipkart has provided all his employees with health insurance in
partnership with Digit Insurance with the coverage ranging from 50,000 to 3,00,000
with the premium of Rs 369.
The ongoing paid premium services have been extended to make payment later on
by the ones who have taken the subscriptions like Flipkart Care Touch select

It allows the seller to get a quicker solution to the queries they have related to their
business with Flipkart and paid account managers that get the sellers to account
managers who are required to work with them closely to help them grow their
business and involve the lockdown period hence not harming their sales.
Under the Fulfilled by Flipkart services, the storage fees have also been removed till
April to help them cope with the situation and put less burden on their shoulders
when the economy has been brought done to its knees by the pandemic.

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