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Foreigners stuck in India due to lockdown have been granted extension of visas till May 3 says MHA

Due to extension of lockdown, many people stuck many places around the world. On 17th April 2020 (Friday) The Ministry of Home Affairs extended regular visas and e-visas of all the foreigners who are stuck in India due to coronavirus lockdown till 3rd May on the basis of gratis.

The Home Ministry also declared that the visa granted to diplomats and UN officials, who are supposed to come to India will be suspended till the end of lockdown i.e. 3rd May.

The statement said that regular visa or e-visa of those foreigners who have been stuck here in India due to spread of coronavirus in many part of the world and also due to travel restrictions on the basis of country’s travel authorities and to those foreigners who’s visa is expired or going to expire during February 1st to May 3rd will also extended till 3rd May on gratis. Foreigner just have to fill an online form.

It is also been decided that if foreigner’s exit to the country, if so they requested during this lockdown period, it will also be granted up to 14 days i.e. 3rd May to 17th May without any overstay penalty.

The Home Ministry said that because of this condition, this decision has been taken to extend the period of providing services by Foreigner Regional Registration Office and Foreigner Registration Officers to Foreign nationals, who are presently in India.

The Home Ministry also suspended the visas of those foreigners who’s been going back to their countries expect for UN officers, diplomatic officials, International organization officials and project categories till 3rd May.

The Home Ministry also directed to all the incoming traffic of passengers in India through 107 immigration check post shall remain suspended till the end of the lockdown i.e. 3rd May.

They also said there will be no such penalty on vehicles, ships, planes or any transportation which carry essential or non-essential items.

But their drivers, crew, helper etc. have to go through COVID-19 test screening to make sure they doesn’t have this virus. If any of this people’s test come positive then they have to get isolate and the people who came in the contact will also have to get isolate.

The Home Ministry had granted the services on 28th March on the basis of gratis to foreigners who are presently resident in India.
Due to India’s travel authorities and spread of coronavirus this decision had been taken.

The Government first extended regular visas and e-visas of foreigners who are currently in India and are unable to leave the country due to travel authorities and spread of coronavirus till 15th April. Further, it was extended till 30rd April and now again it is extended till 3rd May.
However, several foreigners who are in the country since imposition of travel restrictions and are also unable to go to their country during the validity of their visa.

Coronavirus total cases confirmed 14,378. Recovered 1,992 and 480 death till now.

PM Modi first announced Janata curfew on 22nd March. Later on 25th April PM Modi announced lockdown of India till 14th April. On 16th April PM Modi announced the extension of lockdown till 3rd May due to condition been critical because of coronavirus. All the work places like General stores, small industries, construction place will be open after 20th April.

Workers and employees of general store, small industries and construction place have to go through the testing of COVID-19. If any of them is infected then, the people who came in their contact have to isolate themselves.

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