Former PM Manmohan Singh said ‘cooperation between center and states is very essential in the fight against COVID-19’

With the global pandemic prevailed, almost all of the word is under lockdown. Then, India has started the lockdown phase a bit earlier to contain the disease. The fruits of the foresight of our PM are being seen.

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While this is like this, the former PM of India has said that co-operation between state and center is essential in the fight against the pandemic.
In a meeting of Congress leaders, the Congress leader has declared that the success of lockdown would depend on the ability to tackle the pandemic. “Cooperation between the Centre and States is key to success and the fight would very much depend upon the availability of resources.”

During the meeting, the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi said that the shutdown of the present nature after 3 May would be even more devastating.
She also said that the party’s suggestions for fighting the pandemic were not completely implemented and were taken ‘partially and miserly’. “The compassion, large-heartedness, and alacrity that should be forthcoming from the central government are conspicuous by its absence,” she said.

She added that all their attempts for the welfare of the country are going to vain; that they have continuously urged the PM that the only way to tackle this problem is through the ‘ Testing, Tracking and Quarantine program’.
She also added that despite repeated requests, the testing is still low. The testing kits are in low numbers, and of poor quality.

The PPE being provided to the doctors and other health workers are in fewer numbers.
During the meeting, some of the CM’s of Congress ruled states have claimed the center’s non-cooperation in the issue.

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