French ambassador says, ‘India will have to play a key role in mass production of COVID-19 vaccine’

French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain has said that India will have to play a significant role in the mass production of medicines and vaccines, right after the cure for the deadly disease is found.

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India, in general, is a leading manufacturer of generic drugs and vaccines globally.

French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenain told “It is very important for states to coordinate if we want the COVID-19 vaccine and/or medicines to be produced and distributed equitably worldwide. India will have an important role to play as a producer of medicines and vaccines.

With the pandemic getting out of control each day, the only permanent solution is the vaccine. Researchers from all over the world are racing against time to make out a vaccine for the deadly virus that has affected over 5 million people, and taken lives of more than 330K.

This issue was spotlighted in a recent two-day conference of the WHO, in which the nations insisted that the vaccine be available to every nation, irrespective of the financial status.

India has previously supplied 446 million Hydroxychloroquine tablets in addition to 1.54 billion Paracetamol tablets to 133 countries. This brought a lot of glory to the country in the eyes of several global leaders. Also, the nation has been longing for a co-ordinated global approach in containing the pandemic.

In the previous week, India’s Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla has said that the pandemic reasserted the fact that India is a ‘Pharmacy of the world’.

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Lenain had also said that France is very grateful to India for allowing the export of certain critical drugs for treating patients in intensive care.

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