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From Tuesday, Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi will remain open for 24 hours

Azadpur Mandi in Delhi is the largest wholesaler of fruits and vegetables that remained deserted for days since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. But the Delhi Govt has resolved to resume its work from Tuesday onwards and will be available for the customers from 6 in the morning till 10pm at night, confirmed Delhi Government. The market will open in an odd- even strategy and people will be allowed entry on coupon basis.

Gopal Rai, Minister of the Arvind Kejriwal government, declared that Azadpur Mandi will be open for 24 hours from tomorrow. It will be accessible to the customers from 6am- 10pm. And the goods vehicle will be allowed in between 10pm- 6am for “loading and unloading”.

The decision has been taken to ascertain that people don’t face a shortage of fruits and vegetables during the second phase of the lockdown.
Trucks from all over the nation will transport goods during the night so that the shopkeepers have a sufficient stock for selling off the next day.

Tai also added that a team of 900 civil defence participants will look after social distancing in the market area. Every four hours only 1000 people will be given consent to enter the sabzi Mandi with a token. 600 employees have been kept to disinfect the place at regular intervals.

The Govt. has also ordered the sellers to carry on with social distancing among themselves. The odd- even scheme permits the odd numbered platforms bro continue their sale on odd days of the month, i.e. dates that are ending with 1,3,5 and so on. The even numbered platforms are to open their shops on the even dates i.e. on the dates that are ending with 0,2,4 and so on.
Delhi Government has installed two sanitization tunnels to sprinkle decontaminant on the buyers while they enter the mandi.

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