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Gaurav Taneja and Rasbhari are “Father-Daughter goal” and here’s proof…

Gaurav Taneja recently posted a video on social media with the caption “Babysitting and bodybuilding together”. The video shows Gaurav working out while his daughter Rasbhari joins him by sitting on his legs. The adorable father-daughter duo won the hearts of many fans, with everyone gushing over the cute interaction.

The 34-year-old has a large social media presence as a former commercial pilot, a fitness professional, a popular YouTuber and a daily vlogger. He gained the respect of his audience after calling AirAsia out for violation of safety norms, which led to his suspension.

Gaurav has two channels, “Flying Beast” and “FitMuscleTV” for vlogging and fitness respectively. He started off his new youtube Livestream channel “Rasbhari Ke Papa” on July 8, 2020. The channel got one lakh subscribers in 98 minutes and hit a million in four days.

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