“Baap Beti dhoop…” says Gaurav Taneja as he enjoys winter morning with his daughter Rasbhari…

Famous YouTuber Gaurav Taneja has recently shared a video about shifting from Delhi with his daughter Rasbhari (Rasu). We are Shifting from Delhi! Rasbhari the overloaded cuteness which captures everyone that is enjoying a sunny winter with his dad in Delhi.

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This relationship between a father and daughter shows the most heartwarming and intense bond and this picture shows their affection.

Gaurav Taneja has only daughter Rasbhari. They are very fond of her even though his many links consist of RasbhariKePapa.
The roof of the building is the best place to enjoy sunny weather, their smiling adds more bliss at that moment.

This is the recent picture posted on Instagram by Gaurav Taneja.


Baap beti dhoop sekte hue… #flyingbeast #winters #delhi #sun

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