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Gilead Inc. says antiviral drug Remdesivir shows promising results when used at early stages

With no vaccine for the COVID-19, and with more than 3 Million affected, the pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the whole world. Though research is being done in that direction to come up with a permanent solution for the virus. The WHO has already declared that patients who recovered have the chances of being affected again; which strongly demands an everlasting way out.

Gilead Sciences’ antiviral medicine remdesivir has been used on two groups of Corona patients for 5-days and 10-days. Resultingly the drug trial showed that more than 50% and was discharged within 14 days.

Also, the effect has been better on people who have undergone the 5-day treatment than with those who have had a longer 10-day treatment.
The effect has been similar for both treatments. So the shorter doses in an early stage of the disease have been advised.
The US health officials declared that it would take around 12 to 18 months, thus an effective drug treatment is necessary right now.
Several studies are being done on remdesivir, to see if the drug is efficient in stopping the virus fom replication.

The drug has earlier proved effective in treating the SARS and MERS, also caused by the deadly Coronavirus. Some health officials in various countries have already tried the drug over patients hoping the reduction of the duration of the disease in the patients.
The drug is not a cure, but it could reduce the chances of having bad outcomes if it is used particularly in the early stage of the disease.

The company has seen a decline in its stock after multiple reports citing a draft document was published by the World Health Organisation accidentally; which said that the drug did not improve the patients’ condition or reduce the presence of the virus in the blood, in a clinical trial in China.

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