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GOOD NEWS FOR ITALY: Number of Coronavirus patients in Italy experience a drastic slowdown

Italy has been the first country in Europe to witness a widespread outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The cases in Italy seem to decrease, with the positive effect of the imposed lockdown and also the tracking down of people who were in contact with the infected people. From the first case on 31 January 2020, the country has seen an almost linearly growing curve of both the cases and the deaths. But now, there seems to be a decrease in the cases and an increase in recoveries.

The daily cases and deaths are depicted in the below graph.

The country reported a total of 1.47 lakh cases and 18.8k deaths. As of today, viz 11 April 2020, there are 98,273 active cases. The recovered cases are 30,455.
Italy has been the worst-hit country with thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths each day. When a large part of the world was in lockdown, they continued their normal lives, which made them pay a heavy price.

The COVID-19 outbreak has no doubt, completely shaken the world. It put the World in a tough situation. Ever since the outbreak, Italy has been the country that was the worst hit, though now, the US has taken that position. While most of the countries imposed orders over the people and restricted their movement, Italy couldn’t take any of such actions and that only worsened the situation of the country.

With the growing number of cases and deaths too, Italy was dragged into a very pitiful situation. The country with a population of around 6 Crores is the country with the oldest population of Europe. Almost a quarter of the population is above 65 years. This is one of the factors for the present dreadful situation in Italy. It has once reached a situation where in the Government decided not to cure the elder people such that they could at least save the younger generations.

Now, the number of cases and the deaths also decreased on the second consecutive day, showering a bit of hope for the European country and also the World.

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